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Welcome to our 2020 CSA season! We are growing over 130 acres of vegetables, and the best way to experience the extent of a farm’s produce is to be a CSA member. This will be our ninth year offering a CSA. The past eight years have been a great success with overwhelming positive feedback from our members. Our farm has an excellent reputation for growing extremely high-quality, delicious produce for a very reasonable price, and we extend this into our CSA offering.


Gresczyk Farms’ 2020 CSA will run for 18 weeks from the week of June 22 until the week of October 19. 


What do I get in the 2020 CSA?


We feature our own home-grown produce and cage-free eggs. In addition, some weeks we also include berries from our farm and local fruit grown to our standards. Each week in the CSA program, members receive a selection of produce that we choose based off of what we are harvesting in the fields for that given week. Bruce Jr., the farm's head grower, writes a weekly handout that gives great recipes and facts about the produce in order to help you know how to use a lot of the vegetables we offer. 


Being part of our CSA gives you the best vegetables and the widest variety of produce available. Have you had blue potatoes? Love Heirloom tomatoes? Can't get enough CT-grown sweet corn? Know you need to be eating more salads and all those healthy anti-oxidant rich vegetables? You will love our vegetable selection, quality and taste. 


Gresczyk CSA Share Size and Options


Full Share: This share size will provide a weekly supply of produce and eggs equal to or exceeding $28. It is great for a household that frequently eats large quantities of vegetables. The cost for a full share is $500.


Partial Share: This share size will provide a weekly supply of produce and eggs equal to or exceeding $17. It is great for a household likes to eat vegetables. The cost for a partial share is $300.


CSA Delivery: 18 weeks delivery adds $100. See delivery handout for details. DELIVERY option is sold out for 2020 CSA season. If you were a Delivery CSA customer for the 2019 CSA and you have not yet renewed, you can still join. Please call the farm store to process your renewal.


All CSA shares receive:

1) a weekly email listing your CSA share for the week.

2) a weekly handout with recipes and other useful information about your produce.

3) an annual 5% discount off all Garden Center and Farm Store sales that lasts for the entire year (includes Christmas trees!).

4) participation in farm events exclusive to CSA members such as Pick-Your-Own tomatoes.

5) a weekly special item from our farm store offered at a discount only to CSA members.


The most flexible CSA around


We believe our CSA is the most flexible to make it as convenient and enjoyable as possible for you!


Choose the most convenient pick-up day and location for you.

We offer a very flexible selection of pick-up days and locations.


Participants can pick up their shares at the following days and locations:

  • New Hartford Farm Store on Mondays, 11am-7pm
  • New Hartford Farm Store on Tuesdays, 11am-2pm
  • New Hartford Farm Store on Wednesdays, 3pm-7pm
  • New Hartford Farm Store on Fridays, 11am-7pm
  • New Hartford Farm Store on Saturdays, 10am-noon
  • Southington Farmers Market on Fridays, 3pm-6pm
  • Home Delivery on Wednesdays - see the delivery handout for details.


Never miss a share due to work, family or leisure obligations.

We ask that when signing up for our CSA you choose a day and location. However, during the season you are free to make adjustments per week as your schedule changes. We ask that you let us know before your CSA pick-up so we can reschedule you for a more convenient day and location that week. For more information about missing shares, please read our 2020 CSA Membership Agreement. 


Don't worry about ever missing a share due to vacation.

If you are away and have to skip a week, please notify us 24 hours ahead of time, and you have four great options:

1. You can have a friend or relative pick up and enjoy your share

2. We can give you a double share the following week

3. We can give you two shares in one week (for example one share on Monday and one on Friday)

4. We can give you store credit for the original weekly amount.


You won't be stuck with veggies you don't like.

While we always encourage you to try all the vegetables we grow - hey a farm fresh pepper tastes different than the peppers in the grocery store! - if you get a vegetable you dislike in your box weekly share, we allow you to exchange it for another Gresczyk Grown produce of equal value during your pick up. You may trade up to two items each week, with additional items allowed for those with food allergies.


High value for your dollar

Each week your CSA newsletter details the value of the contents of your CSA share. Over the season you will receive approximately 33% more goodies than you pay for. That is excellent value!


For more information about the 2020 CSA, please read our 2020 CSA Membership Agreement.

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