Gresczyk's Own Vegetables and Herb Plants

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At Gresczyk Farms we start all our vegetable plants from seed in our greenhouses. We offer these same high-quality, field-ready plants to you for your garden.


Tomato: Mountain Fresh Plus

Mountain Fresh is our favorite main season large slicing tomato. It has some of the best disease resistance of any tomato combined with excellent eating quality. If you are going grow any tomato this year it should be this one.


Tomato: Primo Red

Primo Red is the best early tomato we grow. It produces high quality extra-large fruit with good flavor. No other tomato we have grown has produced such large fruit so early.


Pepper: Vanguard

This high quality Bell Pepper is high yielding and resistant to a number of diseases. It is our favorite in the field, because of its large size and thick side walls. It is a true commercial quality plant with the highest yield potential on the market.


Pepper: Aruba

This sweet Cubanelle pepper is a vigorous plant offering a large crop. It has an elongated shape with 3 or 4 boxy lobes and ranges in color from lime-green to chocolate-red, depending on ripeness. Can be used at any time - excellent raw and cooked.


Lettuce: Salanova Blend

The absolute best baby-leaf style lettuce loved by restaurants, home chefs, and gardeners! Grows like a mature head of lettuce, but once harvested can be separated into separate lettuce leaves with one chop of the knife. Delicious flavor. Lasts a long time in the refrigerator.


Eggplant: Classic

We have tried a lot of varieties of Eggplant in the field over the years, and classic always seems to be the best performing. You can expect high yields of fancy quality eggplant.


Squash: Superpik

If you have room for one yellow squash, it should be Superpik! Straightneck, long, bright yellow squash grow on open plants so they are easy to see (and harvest!). And they just keep coming all summer long! Lots of male blossoms too for those who love to eat squash blossoms!


Squash: Zucchini Elite

Delicious, beautiful long medium green zucchini. They start yielding early and have a long season with impressive yields. Zucchini grow on open plants so they are easy to see and harvest.


Brussel Sprouts: Hestia

This is a great variety of Sprouts. To be successful at growing Brussel Sprouts be sure to feed them heavily and put lots of space between plants.


Broccoli: Emerald Crown

This is our favorite broccoli for summer production. It is more heat and disease tolerant than any standard variety. The more space you give your broccoli plants the larger potential head.


Basil: Caesar

Excellent Italian basil for pesto, Caprese salads, sauces, and all your summer dishes. Compact plants are just over 2 feet tall with beautiful big leaves. Slow to flower ensuring a long season of delicious basil!


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